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A Slight Change of Plan

A Slight Change of Plan - Dee Ernst
It's been said that if you want to make God laugh then tell him your PLANS. All Kate wants is happiness and no empty nest syndrome. Well, Madi Brown isn't God, but Dee Ernst did a great job at making me believe that her character's master plan would work. And then things went LEFT, as in all the way left.She suddenly had to deal with life as it came, and that made this story a draw. Case in point was Kate's change in relationship status. To have not one, not two, but three men pursuing you at one point? See Madi pout. I want a Tom, and Edward and a Jake!

I piled on the adoration for A Slight Change of Plan for all of the right reasons. It was a memory fest, like turning the pages in a treasured photo album. It made me recall my very own "the one who got away." I relished in all of the good. And the main character's mom? What a hoot! She was so feisty and independent, very much like my own.

All of this was wrapped up, adorned in a literary pretty bow with a story premise of learning to live in the PRESENT and making room for real love. The takeaway is that you shouldn't have to wonder if someone would change for you, the person who is for you will show you in their actions. YOU make them WANT to change---for the better.