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 Fiction Writer or Die. Living in a world riddled with BARRIERS and a surplus of ORDINARY would send me running onto the nearest highway---right into the bustle of oncoming traffic.Of course I'd be dressed IMPECCABLY in an all black Stella McCartney ensemble...and Dior shades.


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Psychos: A White Girl Problems Book

Psychos: A White Girl Problems Book - Babe Walker What is there to say about Babe Walker? She's self involved. Spoiled. Selfish. Vain. Extremely Rich. oh, and she's really ultra fashionable. Would I want to make her my Bestie? No. But as with most books of fiction, did I really want her to win; to overcome some huge life obstacle, and discover an inner strength? Sure. But there won't be any of that with this read bathed in expletives and raunchy sex.Please believe that Babe Walker exists only to be as outrageous and as pretentious as possible. And I was right there reading every line. It was my guilty pleasure, and it's my belief that Babe Walker's character represents at least some aspect in all of us; what we wish we could do or say---and get away with.

I was a fan of White Girl Problems, and now Madi Brown is a fan of Psychos.