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The Alchemist

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho Now I understand why this title has sold so many copies! The Alchemist is one of
those reads that resonates with you, long after you're done with The book.
Before, I would have asked myself why I hadn't read it sooner, but I now know
that I wouldn't have absorbed the content the way that I needed to. I'm going
through a phase in my life where I have to be braver than I ever have been; in
both my professional and personal life. It's scary, but The Alchemist helped to
reinforce a CAN DO emotion in me by providing the following powerful takeaways:

1)Become my own personal legend. Don't worry about what went wrong or right with
others. Follow my own path.

2)Listen to my heart. Tap into an awareness beyond what I ever thought, and don't
give into my fears.

3)Understand the forces of nature. This means taking time to be still to recognize
what's going on around me.

4)And lastly, there is the idea that love will never keep a man from his personal
legend. I'm a woman, but I certainly hope that the same notion still applies.