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On Grace

On Grace - Susie Orman Schnall Grace is a politely frustrated woman with many emotional layers. I'll start off with the good:

I LOVE the cover. Contemplating in a hot bath is such a "woman's thing."

I liked the parallel of her bestie Cameron---the fact that she really wants a child, and the fact that Grace already has 2 kids. It was something for Grace to be grateful for. The last line in the book was fabulous. No spoiler, I'm trying to give you a reason to finish the entire read and come to a conclusion of this novel on your own.

However....I personally, wanted to stop reading when:
Grace asked her husband if he was behaving himself on his business trip. I wanted to shake her and demand that she show more of that, show more emotion. This chick needed to release the anger that was expanding, festering inside of her like the helium in a balloon.

Reading On Grace was kind of like really, really, really, wanting tasty hot soup, waiting for the pot to boil. But then, the pilot goes out. Only you don't have a match, or a lighter, or two sticks to rub together. The book really did have the potential to be great, but the main characters lacked depth with a plot line with side characters who proved to be more interesting. Sorry folks, but On Grace was just OFF the mark for me.